Hindu Organisations Temples and Association (HOTA) Forum

HOTA Forum is a collaborative platform for Hindu community, individuals, various organisations, schools, institutions, temples, sampradaya, mandala and all associations; that work in the larger interest Hindu community, promote Hindu dharma, festivals and various aspects of knowledge from the Hindu heritage, such as yoga, ayurveda, meditation.

Purpose of establishing the HOTA Forum is to:
* Organise the Hindu society
* Collectively shape the Hindu identity and
* Strengthen the Hindu society from within strategic positioning will automatically follow

Membership to HOTA Forum is open to any Hindu organisation, institution, temple, sampradaya, mandali and association; that works in the larger interest of Hindu community, promote Hindu dharma, festivals, awareness and practice of various aspects of knowledge from the Hindu culture, tradition and heritage, such as: yoga, ayurveda, meditation, spirituality and sewa etc.

Individuals willing to be part of HOTA Forum, may join as volunteers of the secretariat. All members are expected to take active part in face to face, teleconference or web based meetings, discussions, workshops, festivals and any events organised and hosted by HOTA Forum.

If you are interested in supporting HOTA, please complete the registration form and email it to HOTA.SA@vhp.org.au                                  DOWNLOAD